Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to College

She was getting tired of taking pictures. Her head is actually pointing to her apartment.
Her bedroom
Nicole and her roomate Ariel. They were also roomates last year. She's from Washington and is getting Nicole a job at the same place she works, some security company.

This past weekend we took Nicole back up to college for her sophomore year. She moved off campus and is going to get a job this year. She is soo excited to be back...being home can be such a bummer when you've been on your own for a while. I'm not sure what she'll do next summer. Shes growing up whether I'm ready or not! Her plan is to go into the nursing dept. to eventually be a physicans assistant. We'll miss her at home. It just doesn't feel right without all my children around me. I know, I'll have to grow up too. Its a work in progress.

She wants to get a scooter to get around school and work. She already test drove it and fell in love. This is the one she wants. It can get up to 55 mph.


Sean and Shari Tate said...

Oh man we are getting so old!
Nicole looks HAPPY...that's what matters most, huh?

MaryAnn said...

She's going to go far! I just know it. And I can totally see her beebopping around on that scooter - how fun!