Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doctors Appointments and Salad

Okay, so apparently when your 74 years old you have a lot of doctor appointments to go to. This past week I've taken my mom to 3 different appointments. And I'm here to say there is a lot of waiting going on. It really hasn't been that bad because I've gotten a lot of reading in. Can't believe that I like reading about vampires. Crazy!

Spending so much time with my mom we have been reminiscing about my favorite meals that she made growing up. One of my favorite summer salad is Pea Salad. I remember asking her when I was young, "What's for dinner?" and she told me pea salad. It sounded so gross to me that I was pleasantly surprised when it actually tasted good and I couldn't taste any peas in it. It's become one of our family favorites.


2 6oz. cans of tuna

6 hard boiled eggs, chopped

Mayo (best foods)

green onions

salt and pepper

potato sticks

handful of frozen peas


Mix all ingredients except lettuce. Place lettuce on plate and dollop mixture on top. You can also roll inside for a yummy lettuce wrap. (The potato sticks will get soggy in leftovers. So if you know you won't finish in one meal then individually add potato sticks to plates instead of mixing with the other ingredients. )

P.S. These are potato sticks. They are basically potato chips in stick form! You find them in the chip aisle of the grocery store. I get mine at either Frys or Walmart.


Hartman's said...

LOL!!! I hear ya, Lisa. Unlike my own kids, I'm one who has never read ONE Harry Potter book because I like books that are realistic. HOWEVER, I also got sucked into the vampire novels just this summer -- just starting the 3rd one. Go figure.

Sean and Shari Tate said...

so POST the recipe!!!

Hartman's said...

What are pototo sticks? Frozen french fries?

Jolene said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog! I have twins too! I love Jen - we were in the same ward for a while, we didn't move - the boundaries did.

My mom is 78 and I know what you mean with the Dr. appointments. It is almost a part time job for me, but, like you, I love the time alone I get to spend with her. Mostly we reminisce about my dad, but I am going to start trying to get her to remember some of her old recipes - such a great idea!

I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your beautiful kids through your blog.