Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is it really the last day of the month!!!

Wow...I can't believe it. Some days I never thought this day would come. Ha Ha! Here is some things I learned:

1. I really did it.
2. My girls are very helpful to their dear old mom. They kept reminding me to post and were always giving me ideas.
3. My family saw me on the computer way to much.
4. I have great friends who support me.
5. Blogging really is alot of fun.

Who is with me next November because I just might do it again?


Teresa said...

I'm really bummed your daily blogging has come to an end. I looked forward to your posts each day -- don't ya want to keep going another month? Anyway, nice job!

Jolene said...

You did it! I totally pooped out this last week with Thanksgiving! I am on board for next year though! Last year I only did one week, this year I made it for three weeks - next year will be the one that I can actually do it all month!

mpal said...

I'm going to miss your daily entries. It was nice to know there was at least one new post every day! You gave some great tips and shared some great ideas! Your daily posts will be missed, but we have next year to look forward to! Congrats, on completeing your goal!