Monday, November 17, 2008

Missionary Monday

Today is Missionary Monday! This is where we have a meal from a different country and then after dinner we read emails from a few missionaries that are serving from our ward. One is in Figi, 2 others are in Brazil and my nephew is in Mexico. The kids love hearing about their experiences both funny and spiritual because they know the boys pretty well so it makes it extra special when they hear their stories. It really doesn't take to long so we can still do other things for FHE too.

I got the idea at Costco. I know weird. Here's the story. I haven't been to Costco for a while so last Monday I enjoyed the trip. You know all those free samples and Christmas items. As I was slowly walking through the store I saw some chicken pasta, which my family usually likes but this one was Greek chicken pasta with olives,artichoke hearts and feta cheese. It looked good to me but how would I convince my picky eaters. Since I knew I had some emails to share with them I decided we could share emails and have a fun dinner too. They did eat it and enjoyed it because it was fun. I told them as soon as they got home from school, "Guess what? It's Missionary Monday!" So by the time dinner came around they were excited and luckily happy to try something new. Tonight is Asian (shrimp wonton soup and lettuce wraps and of course emails)

PS. Last nights Conference Talk went well. Andrew chose one to read and everybody read that one on their own. Marked it if they wanted to and then we shared what parts we liked and why. It was good. I really wanted to read out loud together mostly to make sure that everyone was really reading, but others didn't want to because they thought it would be difficult/boring listening to others read to them. I decided not to push it even though I wanted to. It's better to have a happy family experience then to get my way. Mature right.


mpal said...

Love both of your ideas - Glad your Conference Ensign experience worked out. I think I'm going to have to try them both!

Teresa said...

Lisa, you never seize to amaze me with all of your clever ideas!

Barbara said...

Wow, you have great kids. FHE is a battle every week. We decided we would play a board game tonight but a few children couldn't play nice and had to be removed to bed early to prevent ruining the game for those that wanted to play nice.
I hope to look back and know that it was worth the battle! You have really great ideas. I'm sure the response at my house would have been..."wow mom, do you really think we are going to eat THAT!"

The Wards said...

You are so amazing and I love what you do with your family. I so feel like I learn from you!


tidwell said...

Love the Missionary Monday Idea. Thanks for sharing.