Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our family top 10 in 2008

1. My mom leaving on a mission to Austria and coming back with a broken arm and a very sore shoulder. She got her arm fixed and had shoulder replacement surgery just today. She's doing fine.

2. My sister Tanya and her family Kevin, Jake, Samantha, Noah and Cody moving down from Seattle with their boat and now quads.

3. Andrew has begun his eagle project, went to state in track and swimming.

4. Lauren life guarding and coaching synchronized swimming.

5. Randy and my 20th wedding anniversary.

6. Getting a new freezer and a rotating food storage shelf.

7. Heather turning 13 and now having 4 teenagers.

8. Tyler talking nonstop. His favorite phrases are no way, that's bad, don't say that to me and I want my show.

9. Twins driving

10. Starting this crazy blog.


Heather said...

I have to now think what my top 10 things were in 2008 hmmmmmm. I didn't know you're mom had a sore shoulder. You wouldn't know it. She acted fine when I saw her. I'm so glad she's doing great. I love your mom-she's amazing!

Teresa said...

You also made me think if I could even come up a top 10 -- I would have to dig very deep. I think that just proves your year was more eventful than mine. Happy New Year!