Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter Formal

This was Brandons answer to Lauren asking him to the dance. It says, "I know this may be choco late but I'd love to be your date." He also gave her 2 candy bars and brownies.

Yamina and Andrew, Brandon and Lauren (Click on the picture to see Lauren's sleeves. There wasn't much material left after the dress was hemmed so strips had to be sewn horizontally.) She loved everything about her dress! They both had a great time on their dates and it was nice they were in the same group. The joys of being a twin and actually like being around eachother!

This is about 1/2 of their group. They had a fancy dinner, played a picture scavenger hunt the night before in matching outfits (L and B were hippies, A and Y were sports fans), saw the temple lights, played games, ate at In n Out and oh yeah went to the dance.


mpal said...

Laura loved Lauren's dress, she did look beautiful! It must be so great to have twins as you said that like each other and look out for each other. Sounds like a great time - and you're right, most of prom night is other things then there is "Oh Yeah, the dance."

Heather said...

Did you make her dress? It is very pretty. How fun they got to go together. They look great!

Lisa said...

No, I didn't make it. We bought it at Dillards on clerance. It was sleeveless so we asked Ann Bowen to use the material at the bottom of the dress to make sleeves. That way it would perfectly match the rest of the dress. Ann is an awesome seamstress and has altered many a prom dress for us. She's very reasonable too.

mattis0n said...

That looked like such a fun night...and Lauren's dress is so beautiful on her. She looks so grown up. What a beautiful daughter you have.