Monday, April 27, 2009

I've waited a long time for this day...

She's Home! Nicole finished finals and is home for a week. She wants to get a car and take it back up with her. Anyone have an old car they want to get rid of? I wish she could stay longer but she has job to get back to- and a possibility of a second one.

Lauren has plans of setting her up on a blind date to return the favor after Nicole fixed her up with a college boy last month when she stayed with her. It may be a little harder since Lauren only knows high school boys. In Nicole's words, " No more preMission boys!"

At the kitchen table Sunday night playing games and having brownies with the family...just like old times.


Cherie said...

It is so GREAT when the kids come home even if it is just for a little bit.
Sitting at the table playing games, being a family - ahhhhh that's THE BEST!!

Enjoy your sweet daughter while she is home!

I had to crack up about the "No more preMission boys" - ha ha. I heard those same words come out of my daughters mouth at one point. I love it when that particular bulb pops on!! :D

Joy For Your Journey said...

Enjoy your week! I am so sorry it can't be longer. I was so sad when my oldest daughter quit coming home for the summer. The good news for me is my daughter Kristen will be home on Sunday (she had to work one more week). Although she has told us "No line up dates at all!" I guess the ones she had last summer scared her off ever having her family set her up again. :-) Have fun!

Pancake said...

Isnt it the BEST when you have all your kids home again!