Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Noah's Baptism

We have been busy at our house. Expect a lot of posts in the next while since I'm behind. I didn't have a camera during Easter celebrations so I didn't get any pictures. We went to the Easter pageant. I love the pageant. It always gets me in the right frame of mind to celebrate Easter. The Saturday before we had my nephew Noah's baptism which was wonderful. Then on Easter we went to church and had dinner with my mom and sister's family. The big kids hid the eggs for the little ones to find. It was cute! My mom took pictures since I forgot mine. So if I can get her pictures I'll post them sometime. It was a nice family oriented Easter day.


KC Mom said...

Baptisms are awesome! Congrats to your son!

Ann Marie said...

What fun.. to be busy!!
I look forwaard to all of the pictures! Congrats to your nephew!
A new member of the church.. YAY!

Hope your having a good week..

Cherie said...

You must live in Arizona. Our good friends the Bassetts are the Mission President there. They are loving the area, the missionaries, and the pageant.
I would love to go to that Easter pageant it looks amazing.

Glad you had a good Easter!

Can you send a little warmth to Idaho?