Friday, April 24, 2009


Andrew participated in a triathlon with his scout troop. (the same weekend that Lauren went to CA for her senior trip) They camped out in Thatcher and woke up to a rainy race day. First there is swimming, then biking and last is running. He has won the last few years of competing so this year he didn't train or really take it seriously. That is until he got up there and decided that if he was going to do this he wanted to do his best. A good lesson in preparation because he didn't bike at all beforehand and had a hard time remembering the gears. He had to get off the bike during the race to figure out how to switch gears. Also he forgot his swimming goggles and didn't want to get his eyes wet. (contacts) So instead of swimming freestyle he swam backstroke with his head out of the water. Not the best racing position. He still got 2nd out of his group- by no means bad. He just thrives on pushing himself and competing. Hopefully he learned a lesson on the importance of preparation. It's always best to be prepared because you never know what might happen.

These pictures were not taken at the triathlon. They were taken at his most recent school track meet. I like these pictures because they show his determination and focus. This one he is ready and waiting to grab the baton in the 4x400 relay.

This picture is right before the race when he is in last minute prep. Walking to the start blocks.


Pancake said...

He is quite the athlete!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Good for him! You are such a great and supportive mom! My daugther just told me she is going to state in track and my first thought was, "Oh no!! Two more weeks of this?" (It is just that she is NEVER home) But I repented and am now being supportive. Thanks for your great example.

Ann Marie said...

You have some talented kiddos!

My AZ family roots are from Thatcher, Safford and Alpine! Woot!
Is Thatcher mountains? Is that why they camped there? I have never been to any part of AZ other than page in Lake powell..

Hope your weekend is good!