Monday, May 18, 2009

Baccalaureate, Seminary graduation and Centurion

Our seniors participated in a Baccalaureate today. I attached the program- it was basically talks, music, and a commencement address given by a beloved teacher. He was Andrew's physic's teacher. It was well done and not too long. My perfect kind of meeting.

Also tonight was seminary graduation to honor 4 years of memorizing scriptures, learning the gospel, building friendships and strengthening testimonies. I'm so grateful that my children had a seminary class to look forward to each day during high school.

We have 2 centurions in the house! Being that it is their last and final year of seminary- seniors could take a test of 100 scriptures that they have studied over the past 4 years and if they pass they become a centurion. The scriptures are from the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and the Old and New testament.

Seminary has been such a blessing for my kids. I am so thankful for it and the positive effect it has had on them. They have both loved going and participating in seminary. We are fortunate that they get "release time" during the school day to walk across the street to the seminary building in place of an elective each day. No early morning seminary or once a week home study like I used to have. They have it in their class schedule during their school day.

Taking senior pictures today!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Hey, I LOVE early morning seminary! :-) I like having 120 kids at church at the same time and then riding the bus together to school. But I grew up with release time so I also know the benefits of that--especially at 5:00 in the morning!

Congratulations to your kids for both graduating and being centurions

But I have a question . . . what exactly do they have to know for the test--are they tested on just key words and references, or are they also tested on content?

KC Mom said...

Aw! As a seminary teacher myself, I am so proud of your centurions!
Best wishes over this week of excitment. We'll be doing the same thing here!

Ann Marie said...

I loved Seminary! I still remember the scriptures I memorized from then.. :)

Your kids are so nice looking!
That is a nice picture!!

Cherie said...

Beautiful picture - Our daughter also graduated from Seminary last night - a wonderful accomplishment!

They do not do the Centurion thing here - i think that is neat!

We also do not have Baccalaureate's around here and we were just talking about how those have kind of gone by the wayside. I think it is really neat that your kids got to have one!

Momza said...

You must be so very grateful and proud of your kids. Seminary sets the tone for how they study the scriptures, doesn't it?!
COngratulations to all of you!
Love the pics!

Heather said...

I still can't believe your kids are graduating! I was so sad to graduate from Seminary. I loved it!

Da Bergs said...

VERY cool, I wish that our stake did centurions too! We give out a gift card for the kids to go buy new scriptures from the church book store for 100% attendance all 4 years... I guess each stake does their own thing. Ours isn't until May 31st though!

Post their Sr. pics when you get them done!!!

And, tell them congrats on a job well done!!!