Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Monika!

Today is my sister Monika's birthday. She is a year younger than me and lives in New Jersey with her husband Chris. Monika is the sweetest, kindest person I know. She has always been so friendly to all around her. She hasn't been able to have any children and I know that has been very painful for her because she has so much love to give.
Monika and I really aren't much alike. I am more girly and she is more of a tomboy. She is on a bowling team, plays softball, ice skates, swims and is constantly on the go. I tried to find a picture but all I could find was this one of us siblings when we were in our early 30's. Monika is in the red and I'm in the dark green (I think I was pregnant with Heather at the time or just had her), brother Dave and Tanya the youngest.
I love you sista and hope you have a great birthday!

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Momza said...

Where in NJ? My daughter and herhusband both served missions there...from 2006-2008...NJ Cherry Hill Mission.