Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7 years in the making

Andrew spent the day before his 18th birthday finishing up tons of paper work for his Eagle. His project was making footstools for the kindergarten classes at Franklin South Elementary School. It was turned in at 11:30 pm with 1/2 hour to spare.

This is where he went to celebrate his completing the project.(it wouldn't be valid after his 18th birthday) He's officially a driver. Our rule: you get your Eagle done you get your licence.
A procrastinator...yes definitely. But he did it all on his own which is what we wanted. Not his mom or dad's project with his name on it. He learned leadership skills and personal skills that will help him in life which is the perfect result. Good job bud! I'm proud of the man you are becoming and the skills you are acquiring that will help you be successful in your life.


tidwell said...

Congrats-We know from first hand experience that when you wait until your 17 or 18 to finish up your scout shirt is too small.-Had to laugh!

Cherie said...

Good job getting it done!
We have the driving rule too!!

mpal said...

Tell Andrew congratulations that's a great accomplishment! I had a nephew who had that same rule and ended up doing the same thing. He was so stubborn, he said he was earning and Eagle not a Driver's License but decided, it would be a shame not to get the Eagle as he got close to 18.