Monday, August 3, 2009

California Trip

We went on our last summer trip to California. (3 families with 17 kids.) Last year for the X games, Andrew camped at a KOA with a bunch of guys and one of the dads. This year we included the rest of the families. While the boys went to the X games the girls played in Hollywood, shopped at a Swap Meet and played at Knotts Berry Farm. We all went to Seal Beach together. We heard it was good for surfing- which all the boys loved! I didn't get any pictures of the boys surfing or at the X games. Darn!

Favorite Kid Moments:
Lauren- Hollywood
Andrew- surfing & skating w/friends after the X games
Heather- Beach & Knott's
Tyler- beach toys in the sand

This is what I saw at the beach. I loved every sandy minute!

Tyler taking a break from playing

Brittany, Brittney, Lauren and Heather

Calli, Brittany, Brittney, Lauren and Heather

Brittany, Lauren, Heather

Surfer girls!

The princess and the King

Silly girls
Brittany,Jessica, Lauren, Heather, Brittney and Janea

Where the crazy people hang out. Luckily the girls where looking down alot at the stars and missed some of the freaks.

She named her longboard "Carlos" and rode all over the KOA.

Sweet Heather. She got very sunburnt at the beach.

Tyler's first alone ride at Knotts.

He got new shoes and was running and dancing all over the park. He's wearing the same shirt he wore at the beach "Buzz Lightyear." He didn't want to change.

He wanted this balloon so bad. Dad caved and bought the $5 balloon for him. He loved it and used it like a kite.


Cherie said...

Very fun!!

Love all the beach pictures.

I also love that you got a picture with the girls at MJ's Star and alot of the memorial stuff was still there. That will be a memory!

Cali is definately a fun place to visit!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Great pictures. I love the beach!!

mpal said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Where is the KOA camp you stayed at?

Momza said...


Ann Marie said...

I love all of the pictures!
It made me jealous.. I love Cali so much!

I laughed when I saw your daughter on the Chuck Norris star.. I thought she had a thing for him -- until I scrolled down and saw the rest! :)

Lucky that you saw MJ's star.. Surprised it still has stuff on it...

Your kids are all so cute! :)

Glad you all had a great vacay!