Monday, August 17, 2009

Frames and Stuff.

These are the 9 pictures from the last post and the frames they will be in. I think that I finally like the order.

It all started with Nicole's senior pictures. I liked seeing how her personality was captured in all the shots. So I decided to get a variety of shots instead of just 1 favorite. When I bought Nicole's frame I also got 4 more for the other kids. The twins frames have been waiting for 2 years. Good thing I organized the garage so I didn't lose them.

These next two shots are the one's for our wall of school picture frames. You know the frames that change out every year from kindergarten to 12th grade. I always have such a good time looking at how the kids have changed over the years.

The rest of the pictures are all horizontal. I like these two because they were taken at the same location with the brook in the background. I'm not sure how I will frame them yet.

These are the black and white pictures. Same locations with the lake in the background.

These last two, just liked them.

My take on their senior pictures:
Nicole- she has a classic style, loves accessories (necklaces, earrings,high heels) , and showing her funny, silly personality.
Lauren- she's a cutie, playful and sweet, charming, a camera magnet.
Andrew- a boy looking a lot like a young man, this was actually a good experience for him because before this he thought that he couldn't/didn't take a good picture and that he was not very photogenic. Well, he can and he is.


Cherie said...

I think the order on both look great!

We are alot alike. I also have 5 kids. We have one wall that has had the 5 frames with the school pics throughout the years.

When I got my oldest sons Senior Pic's done I also bought 5 frames so they would all match. Ha Ha

I guess you figure out what needs to be done when you have lots of kids!

The Randalls said...

WOw, these pictures turned out great! i love how they seem to show their personalities. That is ke to a great picture!