Sunday, August 23, 2009

Look who's turning 20

Nicole our oldest and soon to be college Junior is 20 years old today. What a blessing and joy she is to our family. Here are 20 words that best describe her: smart, kind, helpful, silly, goofy, adventurous, athletic, fun, sweet, pretty, caring, leader, compassionate, problem solver, photogenic, hard working, shopper, list maker, beautiful singing voice and piano player.

one week old

8 months old

2 years old in the nursery

Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween

6 years old in New Jersey

9 years old as Cinderella for Halloween

11 years old with her castle on display in the school library

High School Color guard (bottom right)

Funny, Silly girl in High School

Some of my favorite Senior pictures

We love you Colee and hope you have a great birthday! Can't wait to see you soon.


Ariel Mae said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I loved reading that post and seeing all of those precious pictures :)

I sure do love you Nicole!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Looking at those pictures made me think how sad it is to have them leave, but how fun to watch them grow up and become beautiful, independent women. What a cute girl! Happy Birthday to her!!

Cherie said...

She is a beautiful girl!!

Happy Birthday :D