Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can Openers

I had a fight with my can openers. None of them were working properly and I had to borrow one in order to finish the dinner I was preparing- Black Bean Chicken. Here is the back story to this.

Before Christmas my husband asked me what I wanted. I told him what I really want is an under the cabinet can opener. I wanted ease in opening cans because all of mine were either broken or almost broken. We had one growing up and it was easy to use and out of the way to free up counter space. Perfect solution right? Hubby said, Really, that's what you want, okay! Christmas came and I opened a box from him and it was an electric can opener. I should be thrilled right. Husband looks confused. You said you wanted a can opener didn't you? Yes I did.....But, I wanted an under the cabinet one. He told me that he couldn't find one.

Me: How many stores did you go to?
Him: One. It wasn't there so I thought this one looked okay.
Me: Sometimes you have to check out more than just one store dear.... I'll show him how its done.

I returned that one and armed with cash ( wow, it was more expensive than I thought) was on a quest to find THE can opener. I went to 5 stores and nothing. Do they not make them anymore? Can't be. The 6th store I threw in the towel and just bought an electric one. It's better than the junk I have at home, I thought. I found one much cheaper and brought it home. The very next day I try to open a can and it breaks. Cheap can opener!

So today when I was in the middle of preparing dinner I forgot that I had no working can openers. You can't make black bean chicken without black beans so I had to pry open the can. I was so mad that I had a beautiful can opener but didn't like it enough to keep it. Guess who calls me when I'm in the middle of my rage... husband. "So I gave you the right gift all along, huh"? He's right again. Oh I hate that.


mpal said...

I gave up on electric can openers years ago. I have a good sturdy hand held, turn the key one. It stays out of the way in drawer. I tried the one from pampered chef, but Laura is the only one in our family that can use that one. I think you have to be way more coordinated than me. Good luck on your quest, perhaps try google!

The Garden of Egan said...

Try a kitchen store. Maybe. I found my true love there.
I'm a freak about can openers too.
I finally found one that has a big crank handle. Totally in lOVE!

Suzanne said...

I remember the under the counter can opener. We had one at my house when I was a child. It always worked. I remember being very young, getting a barstool, climbing on to the oven to get to the nifty litty trinket to open cans of cat food. Do you see what is wrong with this story? Climbing on top of the oven/range as a little kid. Man that was brave.

I have been lucky that we got a can opener for our wedding and it is still going strong. Pain in the but to whip it out and put away, but after reading your can opener woes, I am very thankful that it works. I have no idea where they got it, so I wish you all the luck for your can opener endeavors! Have a wonderful day! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Really? No under the counter ones?
I am shocked! My in-laws have one.. and I was going to get one when we remodel the kitchen in the future. I guess I better start looking now?

I am going to buy a good non-electric one too.. so just in case of a power outage.. I'll be good.

Sorry about the whole ordeal.
I hate it when I'm wrong and he's right. I like to be right! ha-ha

Have a good weekend! XO

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am so sorry, but I laughed--really hard--when I read this. It sounded much too familiar to me! That is something that would happen with my husband.

Love the picture. :-)

I hate can openers. We have an electric one, that only I can figure out how to use and a manual for a back up. You would think with all the technology they have today they could make one that works.

Small House said...

Darn...when you said "Under the counter can openers", I thought, hey I want one of those. No go I guess.

Did you check Bed, Bath and Beyond? Just wondering. Now I'll be looking!

Cherie said...

A couple of years ago I got rid of the electric and got one of those hand held ones that opens the can around the outside edge - No sharp edges and it has a big handle so it works like a dream! Love it and it goes in a drawer which I like too.

Good luck!