Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Our family top ten in 2009

Our New Years jump in the pool. We started this about 7 years ago during our New Years party. One of the kids had the bright idea of jumping in at the stroke of midnight. Its one of those traditions that the kids love. This year it was Andrew and Nicole. The other kids weren't home at midnight and missed out.

They really did jump. Here's the splash to prove it. They were in and out so fast it was hard to get a decent picture.

Our 2009 family top ten in no particular order...

10. twins graduating from high school living away from home in college.

9. Heather performing in the school play, acting and singing.

8. Nicole getting into the nursing program.

7. Tyler becoming potty trained and starting preschool.

6. Grandma (Oma) on a Family History mission in SLC.

5. a few family California, Utah and Idaho trips

4. Nicole bought her own car

3. redoing 2 bathrooms, an office, a playroom/food storage room

2. Randy's business is growing

1. tickets to General Conference with the family


Nikia, May and da kids said...

I notice we pop up commenting a few of the same blogs. Mostly the LDS mommy ones. Mind if I follow? i am enjoying the posts and photos.

Happy New Years!


Small House said...

GREAT YEAR!!! It's nice to reflect, makes us realize that we have it pretty good.

Jumping into the pool looks like a fun (cold) tradition!!

Cherie said...

What a happy and positive list - Your family has had a great year!!
I TOTALLY Love your jumping in the pool tradition!! Good job and Happy New Year!

Ann Marie said...

Loved the pool tradition!
Can I come and do that? Please?
I need some AZ weather right now..

LOVED your darling Christmas card.. and it sounds like you had a good year. I hope to re-do my bathroom in 2010... We'll see!