Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Bargain Shopping

My little guy was playing at a friends so I decided to go thrifting. Sometimes the hunt can take some time and much easier without him along.
I always make sure that whenever I bring new things in I have to take old stuff out. It helps me keep the clutter under control. Right now I have 2 large bags in my trunk ready to donate. Yeah!! It's almost like a reward for organizing as long as I bring in less than I take out. Obvi.

I found a mint condition Mr. Potato Head with tons of pieces.

A magnifying glass. He thinks its awesome.

Set of 12 glass dinner dishes.

Fancy Vegetable platter

Black easel for holding pictures. I can always use another one.

Sparkly Christmas Tree topper.

A red chicken. Every kitchen should have a chicken.


Ann Marie said...


I like the hunt alone as well.
Not to mention.. when I go into a thrift store.. I feel like I need a bath.. let alone worrying about what my kids have touched.

Good job on taking stuff out.
Rotation is a good friend to have. :)

....Now I'm in the mood to go "hunting".. good thing it's almost the weekend!

Joy For Your Journey said...

You are the queen of bargain shopping!! Good job!

Momza said...

I need to get better about going to thrift stores. My girls loved going to DI when we lived in Idaho.
We don't have those here, which stinks.
I am much better about giving things away!

Small House said...

You definitely had a good day thrifting. Something I haven't done for awhile. I need to get out there and do some digging!!

Enjoy the Mr. Potato heads today. I LOVE THOSE!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Wow! You scored big time. I love thrift shops. Not only do you get great values, you get a HUGE variety!