Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Party on dude!

I'm participating in a brand new party at Serenity Now, called "Dishing It". It's a get-to-know-your-bloggy-neighbor party. Each month there will be a different topic for the participants to discuss so that we can learn more about one another. The ice breaker for this first party is explaining some things about our blog. It's in a Q & A format. So here goes...

1. How long have you been blogging
almost 2 years

2. Why did you start blogging?
My friend started a blog because she had a child in the hospital and I would frequently check her blog to hear updates of her little girl. Before this I had never been to a blog. I decided to start a family blog to record our happenings.

3. Tell me about your blogs title. Why did you choose it?

Since it was a family blog I asked everyone in the fam for their input and "Pulsipher Page" was voted the winning title. It's like a family journal that's where the subtitle came from.

4.What do you blog about?
family of course. I have 5 kids along with one that died soon after birth. So 6 altogether. I have pics of them on the sidebar. I was surprised with my last baby who is now 4. My kids are starting to leave home for college. One of my daughters (the twin) just got engaged so many more family posts to come.

5. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I have met many wonderful blog friends who I truly consider my friends. I love going to their blogs and commenting on their posts. It's like visiting with a neighbor. Love meeting new blog friends!
I have a lot of craft blogs, decorating blogs and recipe blogs on my reader. Love all the creativity out there.

6. If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next devoted reader, who would you pick?
Oprah- maybe she'd take pity on me and give me a car since I have 4 teenagers!

7. What's the funniest comment you've ever received on a blog post?
It was from Barbara. I had just done a post "Whats in your bag?" on the contents of my purse and she commented on how her's was now clean but to please not do one about "Whats in your closet?" because she didn't have time to organize hers since it was a mess.

Please, head on over to Amanda's at Serenity Now and read about some other bloggers!


KC Mom said...

This is a cute way to get to know bloggers. I've been trying to decide if I'm going to do it...

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Lisa! I really hope Oprah sees this and sends a car your way. ;) Congratulations on your daughter's exciting! Thanks so much for stopping by to link up to the party. I hope you're having a good time "mingling." :)

Xazmin said...

I need a car from Oprah too! I will never forget when I first found your blogged about going to HS with Bon Jovi and I was green with Envy!

I have loved reading up on your family ever since then!

Garden of Egan said...

I loved reading that!!!
It wad great to get to know you even better.
I'm going to go back to your "beginning" to know you better.
I'm sorry you have 4 teenagers.......been there done that.

Cherie said...

Hey teenagers are fun but it would be great to have a new car - ha ha - Go Oprah!

This was great - I will have to go check out the fun :D

Have a super day Lisa!


Ashley Allen said...

Very cute family! I need to get some fashion tips from those cute girls! I can't find your pic, but I'm off to read/find more about you! cute blog!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

No way you have 5 children! You look great! God bless you... I have 2 teenagers in the house right now and I'm going out of my mind. How do you do it?

Ann Marie said...

I agree!! When I visit my blog friends.. It's like visiting with a neighbor. :)

Fun to read more about you..

Pedaling said...

great idea.
it will be fun reading your dishing it posts!

Small House said...

What a great idea. That Oprah...she's got it all figured out doesn't she?

I enjoyed reading about you.

Heather said...

i just read lauren's blog about how she met her man---sooooo neat! i love, love stories :) how exciting!!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a fun read!! I am with you--I love meeting blogging friends. And good luck getting that car! :-)

Jennifer said...

Good morning! I am stopping in from Amanda's party. And thank you for stopping in to say hello to me too. And sharing about your sister. I wish we knew someone (esp. another child) in our area with it too so he had someone to relate to. He handles it well, maybe since it started so young.
Anyway, it was nice "meeting" you and I look forward to reading more of your blog :)