Saturday, May 1, 2010

primary activity

We had our Primary Quarterly Activity "Always Remember Jesus Christ". The invitations had a picture of Jesus Christ's outstretched hand and the video shown were pictures of his life to the song "His Hands" (one of my favorites). We divided the children into 6 groups and then ended by talking about how we can become more Christlike through serving others with our hands, having our countenance become like the Saviors and to stand out as an example to the world as a follower of Christ.

Carpenters workshop

Jesus is the Creator

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Fishers of Men

Jesus is our Savior

Another group from Fishers of Men

Another group from Jesus the Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Light of the World

I love serving the primary children in our ward. Their goodness and desire to do whats right is beautiful to see in action. Listening to their testimonies inspire me. Thank you to all those who came and helped with our activity.


Cherie said...

Great activity! I Love the Primary. It has been so long since I have had an opportunity to serve there but I am always so grateful for dedicated teachers and leaders like you who put on these neat activities that make such an impact on the kids.
They will never look at their hands the same way.

Saimi said...

Great post, awesome activity!!

GRAMEE said...

that looks like it took a lot of thought and time..

great activity

it is dedicated people like you who make primary so wonderful