Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer fun

Today was a fun day. I got tickets to a special advanced showing of Eclipse on the night before it comes out. Exciting!

And I got some yummy chocolates in the mail from Tauna. I was lucky and won her chocolate giveaway which is shocking because I never win anything. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone who has tasted her chocolates. They are delicious!

What summer fun are you looking forward to?


Saimi said...

Ah yes, summer fun! That officially starts today.

A family reunion in June, July my eldest and fiancee' come visiting,
HS reunion in August, and a wedding in September. In beween, I'll be riding my horse!

Sean and Shari Tate said...

FUN! You are sitting two rows in front of us!

My vacation begins Monday when Sean leaves for week long summer camp!! haha One 12 hour day of scrappin' with friends, another with my nieces!

Then the end of July we head to Chicago for a scrapbook convention and Nauvoo for our first time!

My friend Dawn and I are going to NYC in August, but haven't nailed down the date yet!

Jana said...

Myself and my 3 girls are going to California to visit my parents and also my Sister in law and her 2 kids are coming from Texas.

Lost of swimming and BBQing!!!

Thanks for your comment and sweet e-mail today. I didn't realize till today how close our babies birth dates were. My heart will be with you next month :)

Ann Marie said...

I am looking forward to the movie.. BBQ's, Camping, Chad getting a job, Another vacation to CA in September.. and the SUN!

Teresa said...

I'll be at the movie there with ya...sista friend! Woo Hoo!

In July 10 day road trip to Montana -- without husband (he's flying up but will drive home with me). And the trick is to also fly up the 'difficult children' in advance....haha

Momza said...

Congrats on the chocolates! Hope you got them in your mouth before they melted!
You'll have to tell about Eclipse...noone in our house wants to see it after the disappointing first two movies.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Congratulations on your win!! Chocolates sound yummy. They didn't melt?

We are on vacation at the moment, but I am looking forward to relaxing when I get home and eating watermelon. :-)

Lara said...

I'm jealous about the tickets and the chocolate! Right now we're just looking forward to school ending ---only 10 more days left of craziness!

Garden of Egan said...

Glad they got there OK, hopefully not too melted.

Not sure if I'm excited about he movie or not. I loved the books so much, the movies just haven't really done it for me.

Lisa said...

How great that a lot of you are going on trips for the summer. As most of you know we'll be home hosting a wedding but we will take an Idaho trip for the other reception in Kuna.

The movie- I'm excited to watch it in a theater with friends. I enjoyed the books better except for the last one which seemed to go on and on. The actor playing Edward is not my favorite so seeing him play the Edward role is a let down.
I found out that I have an extra ticket now because Lauren who's ticket it was can't get off work. Anyone want a ticket to the show?

The chocolates- yes they melted a bit. No surprise it's crazy hot here. It didn't matter. They are delicious and dare I say the best chocolates I've ever eaten.

Charlotte said...

Sounds exciting. I am looking forward to an out west vacation with the family. First time in 4 years.

Stef said...

How cool that you get to see Eclipse early. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.
We are going to be traveling to California.
According to my in-laws it is only a 16 hour drive. But last time we went...all of was a 22 hour adventure. So that is what I am looking forward to. Not the drive but the visit!

Lara said...

I'm heading out soon for a fun Girl Scout trip with my oldest daughter. Past that, we haven't planned anything major, but I am still looking forward to summer!

Those tickets are pretty fancy! And I think I used to live right near you, then....judging from what I can see of the theater name. I saw lots of movies there! :)

Cherie said...

I have had Tauna's chocolates - they are the best!!!!!

Luckeeeeeerre! I have midnight tickets but to have advance would be sweet!!!! So fun!!

I'm looking forward to the movie, being able to drive again -ha ha, maybe meeting you in August ! We have no vacation planned :( this year.

Lisa said...
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