Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Pictures at the Mesa Temple

Coming out of the Temple

Cheering for the happy couple

the Kids

Travis's family
came from Idaho and Utah

Our family
Lauren's family
came from AZ, Texas, Utah, Oregon and Florida
Bridal party and reception posts are coming next. I'm trying to post a lot because we are leaving soon for another reception in Idaho.


Momza said...

Have fun at the next reception!

Cherie said...

Beautiful pictures - I can tell it was a JOYOUS day!!
I especially love that first one - the way he is looking at her is so...what is the word. It is definately the way we all want our husbands to look at us. Loving, adoring..Great picture!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

I agree Cherie. There were 6 or more pictures of them coming out of the temple but my favorite is this one because of the way he's looking at her. I get to see you soon!!

Ann Marie said...

I love the pictures!!

She is such a beautiful bride.. and the day looks glorious! The shots that are taken right after you exit the temple are always some of my favorites because they are still GLOWING! :)

Darling couple.. Darling family.. and I see YOU!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! I can now put a name with a face! Love it......Happy day!!

Lesa said...

I love looking at all the beautiful pictures! How fun. You have a wonderful family.

Saimi said...

WOW! What a most BEAUTIFUL bride! Looks like everything came together perfectly!