Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday girl

Heather turned 15 years old today! Can't believe my little girl is already a high school freshman. She is tons of fun to be around and has a bubbly personality. Just love her!

Here are 15 things about
  • loves to sing and is in the school choir
  • has cute freckles
  • doesn't like going to the movie theater. She would rather rent DVD's and lounge at home.
  • was on a year round competitive synchronized swimming team. She swam up with the older girls, sometimes 4 years older.
  • is a total goof ball
  • went on a pioneer trek over fall break
  • just got her braces off
  • has a great group of friends
  • is a daddy's girl
  • would rather have pumpkin pie instead of cake on her birthday
  • misses having her older siblings around
  • Belle is her favorite Disney princess
  • loves eating salads
  • wears a CTR ring every day
  • writes in a journal


Lara said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl! Tell her she has good taste--I've always preferred pie to cake as well!

Cherie said...

She is soo darn cute! Her personality just shines through, especially in that last picture!

A very Happy Birthday to your sweet Heather!

Saimi said...

She does sparkle!! Happy Birthday to a girl after my own heart, I have a birthday pie every year!!