Wednesday, December 29, 2010

25 things that happened during the Holidays...

1. A phone call from my missionary son. He was on a layover at the Taiwan airport on his way to Indonesia.

2. My daughters and son in law home for Christmas.

3. Temple light trip and dinner with Randy's brother and family.

4. Christmas Eve at my sister Tanya's house with our traditional grilled salmon and perogies for dinner. We did a white elephant exchange this year. So fun!

5. Santa came, literally. We peeked in on him from upstairs and watched him put presents under the tree and eat cookies and drink milk. Tyler's reaction and excitement was awesome! Afterwards he said, "I saw him, I can't believe I really saw him. This is SO exciting!"

6. Christmas morning opening presents with Travis. He totally "fits" so well into our family.

7. Our traditional Christmas dinner: ham, cheesy potatoes and pumpernickel bread at our house.

8. Travis and Lauren cooking and baking.

9. Shopping with my girls.

10. Randy got his 55" flat screen TV.

11. I got a new diamond ring to replace the one I got 22 years ago (the diamond fell out of my original ring a while ago and was lost)

12. Playing lots of games and watching lots of movies together

13. We watched Disney's "Tangled" together.

14. Randy got tickets to the Insight Bowl and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

15. Christmas cards! I love them.

16. Received so many Christmas treats from our awesome neighbors. Chocolates and Cookies and Breads oh my!

17. Enjoying my children playing with each other. I love to hear them laughing together.

18. Heather got Wii Just Dance 2. So fun!

19. Getting a web cam so we'll be able to visit with each other.

20. Celebrating my birthday and Tyler's birthday.

21. Girls get pedicures. (Me, Nicole, Lauren, Heather, Tanya and Sami)

22. The visiting kids were excited to wear flip flops and shorts.

23. Nicole playing the piano in church just like old times.

24. Driving around and looking at Christmas lights. We don't have snow but have crazy decorated houses with tons of Christmas lights.

25. Brennan (Andrew's girl) gave us the cutest missionary ornament she made.


Cherie said...

What a wonderful Christmas!!
I was looking at Lauren's blog (she is soooo cute!) and saw that she was in the flip flops - ha ha!!
How awesome was it to talk to your missionary!!! Best call of the year!!!!
I LOVE that Tyler got to see Santa - That rocks!!

Love you girl - Happy New Year!!

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!!!!
Take a pix of the diamond...I wanna see.

Glad you had fun!

Ann Marie said...

LOVE your list!
But where is your birthday? I know you had one.. and something WILL be sent.. it just may not happen till Valentines! HA!!

Yay for Just Dance!! It's a good workout!

We had Ham and cheesy potatoes too.. soo yummy!!!

LUCKY to get a finger randelier! :)

Grateful you got to chat with the much loved Elder. It makes Christmas VERY MERRY.

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE that Tyler saw Santa.
WISH I could do that someday.
WISH I could wear flip flops... BUT it's a SUPER bad storm outside my abode!

Momza said...

the stuff of memories!
That chat with the missionary is always always the highlight of my Christmas!!! Just know you loved every second of it!!

Lesa said...

Happy belated birthday!

All your Christmas activities sound fun. Happy New Year!

Saimi said...

What a Great Christmas!!! I'm sure hearing your sons voice was as wonderful as it was for us to hear our missionary as well!!

I love Christmas cards too, and having two of our sons home and...

Looking forward to more of your post in the coming year!!!

Dixie Mom said...

Sounds like a GREAT Christmas!!

Episode Experts said...

About #4, Vanessa took pierogies to school on Friday for a "family tree" project. This is a cute post!