Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lauren and Kym

I'm sharing blog links today!
One is my daughter Lauren. She entered a cutest couple photo contest. She needs likes on the photographers facebook page and on her entered picture. If she wins they'll get a free photo shoot here in AZ. Yeah! That means a visit!

A little background on Lauren. She and Travis got married last summer and they are away at school working hard and having loads of fun together.

The other is Kym my childhood friend. Kym and her husband Mark recently moved to Tokyo Japan. They experienced the earthquake first hand. She started her blog when they arrived there and has documented their experiences. If you're interested here's the link.

A little background on Kym. We were in the same ward together in NJ. She is in remission right now for breast cancer. She's an awesome women with a big heart.


Cherie said...

I will check them both out. OK I already stalk Lauren (wink) they are so cute but I am so interested in reading your friends blog and her take on her surroundings in Japan.

Hope you are having a great day Lisa!

P.S. Did she know Bon Jovi too?

Momza said...

I voted for your sweet Lauren and Trav...hope they win!

Mark and Kymalisa Froelich Family said...


Thank you for you kind words. I just updated our blog with Cherry blossoms. Oh my! Pictures only show part of the beauty.



music notes said...

guess what? small world. There was a Mark Froelich that grew up in Logan and our families did things together from time to time. I left a comment with Kym to see if it is..Mark sure does look very familiar.


Anonymous said...

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