Wednesday, July 20, 2011

different kind of centerpiece

This is our kitchen table. We bought a new table a few months ago to replace the farmhouse one we've had for 12 plus years. I used to decorate in a more country style back then.

I put a question in a frame. We ask each other this question at each dinner meal.

da question

We recovered the seats with this fabric and put a piece of plastic on top. 5 year old in the house ya know! They were a plain light brown color before but I thought they needed a pop of color.


Joy For Your Journey said...

Your chairs are very cute!! And I am sure your dinner conversations are fun.

Julie said...

Toile is my favorite--especially that red!

Garden of Egan said...

Great idea for a table centerpiece.

I love the recover!
You are a very creative woman!

Lesa said...

I really like the chairs, nice work!

Lara said...

Great minds think alike! Your dining room chair coverings are almost identical to ours. Ours are a slightly darker toile, but they even have the plastic covering over them.

Valerie said...

Cute way to display the question and of course, the chairs are awesome.