Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Question Friday 7/29

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?
I don't really get them. I say spend the money on regular get aways and regular date nights. One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to spend time together without kids. When me and hubs go away it feels like we're newlyweds again.

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?
when I wake up to someone else's alarm clock going off or the sound of Spongebob laughing over and over and over again.

3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?
I can't pick because my 4 girls and 2 boys are perfect for me! To imagine anything different would be impossible.

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?
I don't know enough about it. A few things make sense but I've never really tried anything. If I had a serious illness or awful pain I think I'd try anything.

5. Would you take a family members children and raise them if they needed it?
Absolutely yes!

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Cherie said...

I never really understood the vow renewal thing. I guess it is a more worldly thing to do because people are trying to strengthen their marraige. Being sealed for Eternity in the Temple I definately don't feel the need.

While I feel boys are definately much easier to raise I would never choose to not have girls :-D