Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Question Friday 8/18

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?
not always
2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. That word describes you. One word. What is it?
3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?

4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren), who would you choose for your child(ren)?
I would never assume I know who would be better for them.
5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you?
Yes, when I'm a great grandmother peacefully in my sleep

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1 comment:

Saimi said...

So, we're pretty much the same except I definitely have a girl in mind for my son who will be returning home from his mission next Wednesday!!!

Ah, if only arranged marriages were still me, he wouldn't be disappointed! HA!

I did say next Wednesday didn't I...Yep in just a few short days, my boy will be home! YAY!!