Monday, August 22, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: The Last Thing

I haven't done this in a while.  Thought I'd give it a go..... 

FMM: The Last Thing
1) What is the title of the last book you read?  Of Pigs, Pearls & Prodigals by John Bytheway
2) What is the last movie you saw in a theater?  The Help (so good )
3) Briefly describe the last person you saw today.  another mother from my son's Kindergarten class.  Kari has long brown hair and we car pool together for HS
4) Which store did you most recently shop in?  just came back from Frys grocery store.  I ran out of bread and needed to get some for Ty's lunch.  I have an hour in between school start times. Usually that's when I exercise but today instead I have lots of healthy foods. That's good too.
5) Who’s the last person you spoke to over the phone? my daughter Nicole last night.
6) Where’s the last place you vacationed? Hubby and I just came back from Portland Oregon (Cherie, you were right! )
7) When was the last time you kissed someone of the opposite sex? this morning when I sent my little guy off to school. 
8) What’s the last thing that made you laugh?  Watching AFV last night (actually laughing at my husband laughing at AFV)  He has the best laugh!
9) What’s the latest app that you downloaded on your phone? n/a I have an old school cell phone and in serious  need of an upgrade. I'm trying to decide if I want to switch service plans or stick with T-mobile.
10What’s the last kind thing you did for someone?   I make muffins this morning and 2 school lunches.

Have a great week everyone!
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Garden of Egan said...

That was fun to read about you!!!!
Yikes! School starting already.
Not possible.

OperaWife said...

Stopping in from FMM!

I have seen a lot of "The Help" on the first two answers so far...guess I better pick up the book soon!

Momza said...

I want to see The Help this week.
And I have an old school phone too that I am seriously planning on updating ASAP.
Fun to read about you!

Cherie said...

OH my I can't believe you have one in Kindergarten. I think it is just as hard to send the last one off as the first one.

Yayyyy - I was right. I have been to Portland alot - that mountain is very recognizable!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I too have an old phone and am with t-mobile, but i don't plan on upgrading. What would be the point? I would never figure out how to use it. :-)

And I too enjoyed the help. I saw it twice in fact. Even my husband liked it.

Okay so the kissing the opposite sex answer took me by surprise. I mean I was expecting you to say your husband. How nice you still have a little boy who lets you do that.

Kim said...

Stopping by from FMM. 6 kids? You must have your hands full. I'm assuming those are their pics on your homepage. They're beautiful! Saw The Help a couple of weeks ago. So good! I loved Celia and Minnie.

Saimi said...

It's always fun to learn more about your friends!