Wednesday, January 25, 2012

long overdue

Lauren and Travis made the cover of a bridal magazine.  They are/were all over Provo.
acting out the nativity with cousins on Christmas Eve
Tyler receiving student of the month in his Kindergarten class

Tyler's 6th birthday party at Chuck e cheese. 

lost his first 2 baby teeth
Halloween with his cousin Cody
Heather's winter formal dance

getting answered to the dance
She received a flour container that said the answer was inside.  Dumping out the flour into bowls.  No answer!  Then a knock at the door with a real flower and a yes!

the group


Cherie said...

Heather looks gorgeous in her dress! That was a fun and slightly messy answer :-D

I saw on Lauren's blog that they made the cover - That is so fun!! I am not surprised - they are a beautiful couple and that picture is a fabulous one!!!

Ann Marie said...

How awesome that Lauren made the cover!!!!

LOVED catching up here and seeing what's been happening at your house.

Oh those days of asking and answering to dances! Such a darling photo of everyone!

Saimi said...

Wow, congratulations to Lauren and Travis how cool is that!!! They look so lovely of course they made the cover!

Wonderful post, thanks for sharing the goings and comings of your family!!