Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Question Friday 5/11/12

1. What advice would you give a couple getting married?
talk to each other about everything (like how would you disciple kids etc...), focus on the marriage not on the wedding reception, be kind to each other.

2. If you could tell your 16 year old self ONE thing, what would it be?
be confident in yourself, HS boys are lame compared to college boys, have fun with all groups of people and don't limit yourself to just the ones your comfortable with, don't be afraid of trying new things, It doesn't matter what others think of you.  

3. What do you do to keep cool in the summer? (AC, windows, fans, swimming, etc.)
AC and the backyard pool

4. What did you (or your wife) crave most while pregnant?
orange juice

5. Who is your favorite TV mom? Why?
Lorelai Gilmore  She's hilarious and had a great relationship with her daughter. 

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