Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Heather went to EFY (Especially for Youth) in Flagstaff last week.  She had a great time and loved everyone in her company.. She's in the middle in the pictures. Her older sister returned from Taiwan/China study abroad and is in Logan this week as an EFY counselor.  Too bad we couldn't get them together.

I missed her terribly but I think Tyler missed her even more. On the night she got back she and Tyler wrote up a list of things for them to do together and even signed it.  Here's what it says...

Tyler & Heather's List:
play wii
dance party
eat treats
go in the pool
give each other lovins
bake goodies
watch TV

Tyler & Heather pinky promise to fulfill all items on this list and enjoy themselves doing so.
And then they both signed it!

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