Monday, July 9, 2012

100 lb. quest

I lost 2 lbs. at this weeks weigh in.   I'm feeling  very accomplished lately.  Throughout this process I've focused on the week to week because the big picture was always too big to wrap my head around.  Too overwhelming. Instead I've taken it one meal at a time. Today I saw my stats from the very beginning when I first started. I really have come a long way! 
It's a good thing I'm feeling this way because today I'm making a Reese's Brownie Ice Cream birthday cake with crushed Oreo's.  Feeling good about my success will help when I want to sneak a piece.  At least I hope it will.
 I've learned throughout this process that I'm stronger than I thought I was.  Inner confidence is a surprise bonus to the weight loss for me.
I have a lot of "stuff" coming up in the upcoming weeks until school starts.  I hope the stress of life doesn't mess me up like it has in the past.  I used to eat away the stress.  If I can make it without giving in to food for comfort then a really have changed inside and out.  I hope the quote below is true for me.  We'll soon see.

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mpal said...

Tell those voices of self doubt (politely of course) to BE QUIET! You have come a long way listening to your true inner voice and keeping the ones that want to convince you otherwise in check! That is a great accomplishment and has given you the strength and the power to keep going - You really are superwoman!!!!!!