Monday, August 6, 2012

100 lb. quest

The verdict is in.....I gained 4 pounds on vacation.  I did make a choice to eat certain meals I just wish I had more control over food instead of it controlling me. I still struggle.  Probably always will and that's a sobering thought.  My hope is that I will completely change my thinking  so that will completely change my eating.   Life long struggle!
On the flip side I had a WONDERFUL time with my family at the beach.  I'll do a post about our adventures soon to document the memories. 


This quote  motivates me. In order to change the outside you have to change your insides (thinking). I realize I will have to become someone with different interests to have lifelong success. Be an exerciser, be a healthier eater, etc... Challenge is good. Change is good.  I wonder who the new me will be and if my old friends will be able to embrace her.  Change is good but it is also hard.  Losing weight isn't just about weight it's so much more.

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Episode Experts said...

Only 4 pounds on a family vacation! I think that is great. Could've been much worse. You must have done better than you thought.