Monday, August 20, 2012

100 lb. quest

I lost another pound this week.  I was surprised because I thought I'd probably gained weight since I didn't stick to the program again-  Hubby and I went away for our anniversary.  I have started back to walking and riding my stationary bike last week so that probably helped me counter balance the treats I indulged in!
I'm trying to decide how much more weight I want to lose.  I have reached my 100 pound weight loss goal but I'm not satisfied yet.  I don't want to go too low and have it be super hard to maintain.  Maybe 20 more....idk I'm kinda winging it.


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Saimi said...

Congratulations!! Don't worry about the weight loss as much as just living and eating a healthy lifestyle. You've probably have a good sense of what you can eat as well as developed good habit of working out.

Maintaining shouldn't be a problem for you!

Well done!!