Monday, August 27, 2012

100 lb. quest

I lost 5 pounds this week!  All that sweaty walking has been good (it's been humid here, a lot).  Normally, I would of said it's too hot to exercise, I'll wait for the ideal conditions but through this weight loss journey I've learned there's never the perfect time or even the perfect meal.  You have to just do it and enjoy the process.

I am officially a size medium.  That is crazy!  I went from size 3X shirts to medium.  I have forgotten how much I enjoy clothes.  Wearing a size 3X you really can't shop at many stores.  I had only 2 stores that I could shop at.  If I didn't really like the pattern or style I would still get it because that was my only option.  Sad right.  Now I am enjoying clothes shopping.  I'm getting things I really like and even love.  Such a new concept.  I'm still a bargain shopper.  That will never change (thanks mom)  I'm more picky about what I get now. I have to like it and it has to be the right price. Clothes shopping has become fun!  It's been a long time coming  and I love it.

I'm using clothes to help motivate me to stick to the program.  I buy something totally awesome in a size a little snug and work to get into it.  Being that I lost 5 pounds this week I think I'll be wearing a dress on Sunday that's been waiting in my closet.  I had planned to wear it to my daughter's graduation but it still was too tight.  Setting goals, having rewards, who knew they could be so fun!


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