Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Shower

Lauren had a baby shower down here before we all  left on our family vacation to California.
The Menu:
chicken salad sandwiches
chicken pasta salad 
cut up fruit with dip
sugar cookies
brownie pops

Here's the diaper cake! That's my sister Tanya in the background.  She did a fun matching game with candy bar prizes and a parenting question game that you had to guess if Travis said it or Lauren. 
diaper cake topper.  the crown got cut off in the picture.
brownie pops

yummy cupcakes

sugar cookies
pom poms  and the quote in the frame is from the movie "The Little Princess"...all girls are princesses.
another framed quote.  My friend Ladawn made these cute crowns.  There were about 8 of them made out of lace that Lauren can use to decorate the baby's room along with the quotes/frames.
cute baby clothes on a clothes line. 

you can kinda see the crown on top on the diaper cake


Lara said...

Everything looks beautiful! Congrats on being an almost-Grandma! :)

Tiffany Offley said...

Everything looks beautiful. I love the centerpieces. Where did you buy the tall vases?