Wednesday, August 8, 2012

California Trip

This is where we stayed. Sunset Beach, CA I had to borrow this picture because nobody brought a working camera! Our beach house was just beyond the sand. All other pictures were taken with a cellphone.

Sunset Beach, CA
Here's a round up of the fun week:
Day one- pick up 4 from the airport. Lauren and Travis, Mela and Shane (Travis's mom and dad) I saw pregnant Lauren for the first time there and about died. She's a beautiful pregnant momma! Went to dinner on Angela's (daughter) official birthday. Had a business meeting that Mela put on. It's an awesome business opportunity that you can do at home. She signed up 4 people.

Day two- Lauren's baby shower. (pictures to come)  Nicole came during the shower. My girls are all here! Nicole gave us presents from her Taiwan/China trip. I got a green bag, a red bracelet, a hanging shell decoration and a bunch of chop sticks. Love them all. Pack up the car.

Day three- go to the cemetery for a family prayer and birthday cupcakes at Angela's grave , receive the best miracle phone call while there (prayers Do come true), drive to CA , arrive at the beach house. Enjoy the ocean.

Day four- Beach day. Boogie boarding, surfing, laying out, volleyball, building sand castles, covering Travis and Tyler with sand. Burnt bodies. Shane and Heather got very burnt. In and Out for dinner. (Mela and Shane's first time)

Day five- spent the day at Knottsberry Farm. The kid's had a fun day. I'm not one into amusement parks anymore but it was fun seeing them have fun. Heather's sunburn is better but not Shane's

Day six- Indonesian food for lunch, a priesthood blessing for Shane, back to the beach for more laying out (with lots of sunscreen), boogie boarding, surfing, flying kites, the biggest sand castle. Dinner at Pizza Rosa and a Bonfire on the beach with smore's. Oh, and watching the Olympics every night cheering for the USA.

Look at my pregnant Lauren and sun burnt Heather!

 Heather's Indonesian lunch
 Travis trying to feed the birds goldfish on his back
 Travis and Tyler in the sand.  (that's my husband's knees behind them)

Day seven- Shane is much better. Packing up to head back home. Another business meeting, signed up 2 more people.

Day eight- Lauren and Travis, Mela and Shane fly out, Nicole fly's out.  Bummer,  family vacation time is over.  Luckily I get to see Nicole soon at her graduation.  Can't wait to see my oldest child become a college graduate.  So proud of her.  Utah here I come!

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