Monday, October 22, 2012

130 lb. quest

I didn't get weighed today.  Apparently my appointment was for 9:45 and I was there at 9:00 and they couldn't fit me in in a timely manner (i said that nicely didn't i)  Basically I got annoyed and just got my food and left.  I have sooooo much to do and didn't have time to waste sitting around.  You can tell I'm stressed can't you?  Want to hear some of  what's going on inside my head?
 My daughter is having a baby soon.  I'm trying to decide when to fly up to her. (not too early but not too late)  Then I'll be coming back up to her when the baby gets blessed.  Then my other daughter got engaged over the weekend.  We just came back from meeting with them.  She is so happy!  The wedding is planned for the end of December  (this December).  She wants a backyard reception.  Tricky in Arizona at that time but not impossible.  Then my other daughter had her 17th birthday yesterday.  It was anticlimactic because we were driving 10 hours home from visiting with family. While up there all 4 of us girls went shopping for her birthday at H &M.  She's been wanting to go there for a long time.  Well she didn't find anything she liked so no present. I told her that instead of clothes maybe we could redo her room for her birthday.   Oh, and we're in the middle of moving so I'm living out of 2 houses.  We ran out of Toilet paper this morning.  I realized I already moved them over to the other house. Here's some random pictures.

General Conference bags.  Tyler loved them.  A different treat or quiet toy in each bag.
Andrew bought a car.
The kids over the weekend minus Lauren and Travis.  They didn't come until the next day.
Michael, Heather, Andrew, Nicole and Tyler
Can't wait to see my new grandbaby.  Looks like it might be very soon.
 Super Hero Day at school

Tyler caught his first fish.
 my favorite girls
 I've missed seeing autumn.

Something that I needed to remember today!
live in the moment


Danielle said...

Holy Cow! So many exciting things! First off...You're moving?! I tell ya, I'm the last one to know anything. I assume it's still in the ward? Second off...Nicole's getting married?! In December?! Yippee! I can totally help with whatever you need. Man, that's exciting!

Saimi said...

Yeah, I can see why your stressed! Man girl you have a lot going on! Fun pictures!! Good luck with the move!, the wedding and the new baby!