Wednesday, February 13, 2013

weight loss quest

Ain't this the truth.  I've been searching all my life for the easy way. The easy way to get my kids to do what I want, the easy way to lose weight... There truly is NO easy way you HAVE to put in the work. When the work becomes fun that's when you know true change has happened.  At least that's what the experts say.  I'm waiting for that moment.  Until then BACK TO WORK.

I'm weighing in on Monday's instead of Wednesday's.  I thought I was ready for a little change but really, don't mess with what works. It's hard to explain but changing days threw off my mojo.  If you want to know if I've given into Valentines Day goodies come back on Monday and see if I've lost weight. I'm that desperate.  Chocolate is my downfall and this kind of  accountability is good for me!

success takes time

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Saimi said...

Ah chocolate! That should have been the 'Forbidden Fruit' Of course, Eve wouldn't have needed Satan to tempt her she would have partaken all by herself. On top of that, she wouldn't have shared with Adam!

He truly would have been a lone man! HA!!