Monday, April 1, 2013

Weight Loss Quest

I gained 18 lbs. at this weeks weigh in. I can't believe it!  I'm in shock!

#Diet-Gasme #jokes : What to avoid that make you fat in a second... 

April Fools!  I did gain some but not that much.  I have decided to do a detox this next week starting tomorrow.  I'll be adding two extra days to it so instead of 7 days it will be 9 days total.  That means my weigh in day will be on Thursday instead of Monday. It's going to be a challenge because its during General Conference.  People around me will want to eat our traditional foods which means I'll be cooking.  It will be hard.  I'm glad I'll have some spiritual support from the talks.  I hope to lose big numbers.  My body reacts well to detox which gives me hope and courage to do it. Wish me luck!

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