Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Question Friday- 5/24/13

1. Do you wake before the alarm or stay in bed until the last possible second?
I don't wake up using an alarm clock. Somehow I just wake up. I like getting up before everyone else and getting the day started. It's amazing how much I can accomplish without distractions. Then when I feel more organized I can just focus on the family and not worry about chores that have to get done. It makes for a smoother and happier day because I'm happier.

2. Who should get a baby shower? Is it just the first baby or all babies?
The first baby for sure and if the next baby is a different sex then another shower.  Showers for every baby seems too much. There is a 10 year age gap between my last 2 kids.  My friends wanted to give me a shower (I had NO baby things anymore).  I decided not to have one.  Mostly because I was so worried about losing the baby since I'd lost a previous baby.  I didn't want to go through that excitement and then awful pain and sorrow if I lost another baby.  It all worked out and he is such a blessing to our family.  I'm an older mom to him but I love and relish every moment with him in a way I never did before. 

3. How will you spend Memorial Day?
Not sure yet. Maybe at the pool with cousins.

4. Do you have a Storm/Hurricane/Tornado/Fire plan for your kids, house..?
Not really a plan but we do have supplies.  We have practiced a fire drill in the past but not at this house.  We really should have emergency plans figured out!

5. What is your favorite morning drink?
a cold glass of water with my vitamins!

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