Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Question Friday- 5/31/13

1. What is an acceptable age for girls to start dating?
16.  And by dating I mean going on dates with many different guys.  Having fun getting to know lots of different boys but NOT serious relationship dating.    Stay away from steady dating until you're at a marriageable age, in college.

2. Do you think your kids should have summer homework?
yes but not alot.  reading is good and maybe some workbook pages for my little guy, loosely structured without pressure

3. Would you prefer to live without AC or heat?
I could NEVER live without AC in Arizona so it would have to be heat.

4. What the worst thing about staying in a hotel? (Besides not being with your family)
Not having all your beauty products (hair, skin, etc...)  You just can't fit them all in a suitcase and the awful pillows at hotels. 

5. So, do your kids really get "104 days of summer vacation"?
 more like 75 days!

A very Happy Birthday to my son-in-law Travis. He's 25 years old today. Couldn't have hand picked a better man for my daughter. We love him!


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