Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer is Here

My mornings are filled with swim lessons, swim team, Tyler's friends over.  Afternoons are filled with all things Heather including her friends!  I love summertime and concentrating on my kids.  I do make sure I get 45 minutes of exercise each day.  I've never done that before....spend time on me too! 

Tyler's first ever swim meet.  Freestyle and Freestyle relay.  Next week is Backstroke.

He did great until he looked down. 

Heather volunteered in a Kindergarten classroom all year long for school credit.  She loved it!  Maybe she'll take after her mother and become a school teacher too.

More volunteering with her friend Alexa.

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Saimi said...

Awe I love this post and seeing pictures of your darling children! Summer is so fun, I'm like you where I always enjoyed spending time with my kids. I think I was the biggest complainer when fall rolled around!

I'm glad you take time for your self as well!! Keep up the good work!