Thursday, July 11, 2013

More twin pictures

because two people deserve two days of pictures....  I love memories and now that Lauren is married and has a baby, life is GREAT but will never be the same.  If she only lived closer.  Someday!

8 months, California
5 years old, New Jersey
Andrew, track team 
He went to state his senior year in the 400 relay.
Andrew, baseball 6 years old, New Jersey

He used to do tricks on his skate board.  One time at night he skated into a cactus.  Ouch.

Senior year, Arizona

Lauren, dance recital 6 years old, New Jersey

When Lauren turned 18 she went sky diving, Arizona
Lauren did Synchronized Swimming competitively for many years.  Then she went on to Lifeguard and coach.  Arizona
Senior year, Arizona

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