Monday, July 22, 2013

Weight Loss Quest

I lost 9 lbs. at this weeks weigh in.  That's for 2 weeks.  I've been trying to be as perfect as I can with my eating and exercising.  I'm doing a group boot camp 3 mornings a week at 5:30am (it's not as hot then being that it's outside but lately is been muggy, yuck)  and power walking the other days. I wish I could run.  Darn bad knees!
 I really want to get to my goal weight and not give up until I'm there.  It's hard because I'm getting more comfortable with my body and it would be easy to just stop and maintain.  But more importantly to me I want to FINISH what I started.  Over the years I've gained and lost so much weight, never getting to goal.  Usually I got pregnant again.  A pretty good reason I think!

I ask myself this everyday

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Saimi said...

You can do it!!