Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Flashback

Nicole 2 years old and Lauren and Andrew 6 months

Twins first day of Kindergarten and Nicole in 2nd grade

Heather 1 year, Twins 5 years old and Nicole 7 years old

Twins 2 years and Nicole 4 years

I was feeling a little lonely today since everyone but Tyler seemed to be busy with plans. I know I should enjoy the quiet but I guess I'm just used to the chaos. I can't believe the twins will graduate from High School this year and Nicole is in her 2nd year of college. Where did all the time go?

Lauren created a blog. Check her out under my blog list!


mpal said...

I love seeing old pictures, your children look so cute! I so understand how you feel. Your children are doing what they're supposed to and you're glad they are, but you sure miss some of those moments and traditions when they were small. I miss the little arms around my neck and the sheer joy they experienced from all the little things, and their sweet high pitched voices, playing chutes and ladders and Hi Ho Cherrio, reading books to them, and our I love you more contests. My mom always told me life never gets easier, it just gets different and that is for sure! Hope your Saturday has a bit of chaos in it for you!

Barbara said...

I'm so glad to see you posted! I checked pretty late to make sure you didn't challenge everyone to a "what's in your closet" but there was nothing new yet. I know, I know....try and enjoy the moment now cause they grow up too fast. It's hard sometimes with all the stresses of life.

Barbara said...

Lauren was quite the poser for pictures back then too! Your kids are adorable now and then.

Lisa said...

Thats so funny you noticed that about Lauren because we used to call her our model. Whenever the camera was around she would start posing for pictures.