Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's in your Bag?

I love my green bag. I got it at Payless about 2 years ago. Sadly, its probably had the same stuff in it that long.

Cucumber Melon handwash from Bath and Body works
Cucumber Melon body splash from Bath and Body works
Nivea hand creme
Johnson's baby lotion just cuz I love the smell
3 pens
an iron rod (from a YW lesson I taught) I gave it to all the girls and told them to put in in their bags and every time they reached their hands in and grabbed the iron rod they needed to think about their lives and how well they are holding on to the iron rod (word of God)
address book
sm. notebook you never know when you need to write something. I also keep my coupons and receipts inside it.
wallet its really old but I haven't found a better one yet. I like how it has enough room to separate my money. I heard once on a talk show that if you separate your bills into ones, fives, tens, and twenties you'll spend less. So I tried it and I think that somehow it actually works.

Oh yeah, my cell phone and car keys too, but they are always in and out of my bag all the time.

So... What's in your Bags?


Jolene said...

My purse is typically everflowing with receipts and random things. I don't think I could do a post like this - it would be too embarrassing.

I love your Iron Rod.

mpal said...

My purse, has way too many receipts, lipstick, lotion, glass cleaning cloth, not much cash, my phone and my keys. Pretty boring huh? I used to carry around everything but the kitchen sink, but tried to minimize. My purse is still always messy.

Barbara said...

This made me think! I had to go get my purse to see what really is in it! I actually recently down sized because my bag was so heavy and unorganized. OK here we go:
Small OPI nail polish, wallet,coupons, receipts,business cards for Real Estate and Vinyl Lettering,dental floss, coin purse, checkbook, temple recomend,6 pens (maybe I can hook up with your paper) bath and body works cool citrus basil lotion,bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom body spray(this is my most favorite scent), chapstick, lipstick, travel size sunscreen, bottle opener that I got at an office meeting. I don't open bottles often but when I do I can never find something to pry the top off with. Now I can put this in my kitchen drawer. I'm sure that I would have carried this for months if I hadn't taken your challenge to see what is in my bag!
Thanks, It's all cleaned out now.
Please don't clean a closet tomorrow, I have a very busy day!

Lauren said...

Mama you're funny. I remember when you bought that green bag! You had to ask my opinion on it before you could buy it =)
Haha love you eeeternally!

Lisa said...

I know remember I was going to get the black one and you said, "No mom go for color."

Lisa said...

I've noticed that you are all calling your bags purse's. A purse to me is a wallet and a bag is a pocketbook. Am I weird- I wonder if its an East/West thing.

Heather said...

lots of candy wrappers :) dental floss-you never know when you'll need it.

Sean and Shari Tate said...

I'm in bed, so I'm not playing right now...too lazy to go get my purse....but I had to tell you I almost fell off the bed laughing at Barbars's post!!!
no gum??? no candy??? I mean, come on...everything else was in there!!
and ps...Lisa...ya, I've always called mine a purse, never used the word 'bag' before! My Wallet is just cc, pictures, business cards, and cash!(depending on the week)

Teresa said...

And what about FOOD? No food in anyone's PURSE (Yes, I say purse..that's this bag thing?) I have fruit snacks, granola bars, extra diaper -- so I don't have to carry a diaper bag -- and hot sauce packets from taco bell. Plus all the above already mentioned...wallet, cell phone keys, and LOTS of receipts. Great post Lisa.

mamajo said...

Wow! your purse is a LOT more tidy than mine! Yeah... I say purse too! I have all my makeup... too much to list... lotion, gum, candy, floss, mirror, brush and hairspray, aspirin, dramamine, wallet, phone, receipts, kleenex, spare keys, old coupons and in the bottom is some spare change, crumbs and lint. Oh yeah... and a poppy I bought on Veteran's day. I think at church we will be looking at everyone's purse/bag with a whole new outlook!

Barbara said...

OK..OK.. As I read the other comments I had to laugh. I used to have gum and mints in my "BAG" but I just ran out and I gave Scott my credit cards back in Sept so that I wouldn't use them. I have to have him go with me to make a costco trip so that I can stock up again. I treasure my cash, It's for lunch dates with the girls! I call my bag a purse because it is small. When I carried a purse big enough for the kitchen sink I called it a bag because it was large. I guess it's the size that determines the name for me. Food doesn't last long in my purse but it is often in there!