Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's been replaced

My husband set up a sting operation on me. It all started a few weeks ago. We both decided that we need to keep down expenses and build up our food storage. Randy suggested that we give up our water delivery service. My reaction was, "Are you trying to kill me." Okay a little over dramatic I know but I love my O premium water. (See previous posts to see what a wackadoddle I am about my water)

This was his plan. He didn't want me to go "cold turkey" back to tap water. Good Man. He just wanted me to try some cheaper water at Water and Ice. So after a bottle was empty he secretly went to Water and Ice and filled it back up there. Then he put it next in the rotation of water bottles. When he knew that bottle was being used he asked sheepishly, "Do you like the water?" And I said, "Of course just like always."

Then the diabolical plan was revealed. He let me know that I said I liked the Water and Ice just as well as O premium and that it was cheaper so I could really do it. You know, SWITCH.

We had our cooler picked up and got a new one (above) at Lowes. Notice where it is by our kitchen table. Its by my chair, so I get to refill cups at dinner time. But I don't mind because look at the blue booster seat, its by Randy's chair, that means he gets to deal with a 2 year old during dinner. Sweet revenge. I'll take sitting by my new water cooler any day.


Jolene said...

I'm a water snob too! Only bottled for me - and only certain brands. I can't even stand the filtered that comes from the fridge. My family thinks I am crazy - my son will drink straight from the tap just to gross me out!

mpal said...

Don't you love it when your husband gets the best of you! Great story!