Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag time

1. 4 places I have lived: NJ, Idaho, Utah, California
2. 4 shows I watch: Top Chef, House Hunters, Doctors, Jon & Kate plus eight
3. 4 things I did yesterday: laundry, attend Andrew's swim banquet, plan Thanksgiving meal with sister, work on primary stuff for end of year/new year
4. 4 favorite restaurants: Red Lobster, Mi Amigos, Olive Garden,PF Changs
5. 4 jobs I have had: Orange Julius, waitress, school teacher, preschool owner/teacher
6. 4 places I have been: Mexico, Canada, Washington, Cruise
7. 4 things I look forward to: a fully staffed primary, Tyler's 3rd birthday, Nicole coming home for Christmas, new freezer to be filled
8. 4 things I do in my spare time: clean, shop, see a movie, go to lunch
9. 4 things to do with kids/hubby: vacations, out to lunch and talk, go shopping, celebrate holiday traditions
10. 4 things on my wish list: enough money for Christmas shopping, a one-story house w/an open floor plan and a big backyard, my mom's surgery to go well, lose weight
PS. I forgot two of my favorite lunch places: Wildflower and Cafe Rio

I tag anyone who reads this!


Teresa said...

A fully staffed primary...LOL...that's a good one! Good luck with that!

Barbara said...

I have not been tagged yet so this will be fun.